Hey im Jack Frost. Heres the standard obligatory about page every generic neocities page has, filled with useless information youll probably forget 5 mins from now! This really isnt rocket science yknow


1. My favorite MJ song is 2000 watts.

2. Actually Mark is objectively the best megaten character

3. Eva is overrated, it was just ok

4. I mostly collect japanese games, cause of how cheap they are.

5. I have 250 IQ

6. Otacon is the best MGS character

7. I think EFSF and Zeon both have equal MS designs, but I like Zeon more because of Garma

8. Doesnt matter anyways cause Titans look cooler

9. There is no legitimate reason Persona costs 400 dollars

11. Robbery should be legal but only on game collectors

Name: Not telling you?? Just call me Jack Frost

Age: 16

Pronouns: Im a guy

Picture: I've never posted a picture of myself online and I will continue to not do so. Just assume I look like this:

Likes and Dislikes: Look downwards slightly

Ok but what about things you like doing?: Ur mom

Ok but seriously this time?: Building gunpla (thats Gundam models 4 short), reading manga, buying stuff

Astrology Sign: I dont believe in that

Tarot Arcana (I dont actually believe in that stuff, but I took a quiz cause I like persona): Judgement

MBTI: I forgot lol

Philosophy: Idk, I dont get mad that much and I dont like being mean and self improvement is important to me and also Berserk is cool, so I guess stoicism or something? According to tiktok im practically sun tzu.

What Inspires you: Wanting to be a better person.

Where do you wanna move to: Somewhere peaceful, I really wanna go to japan but anywhere with a lotta nature and looks nice really

What job do you want: Detective, or artist but I could be a detective and just do that on the side as a hobby, I also like cooking so maybe a chef?

DND alignment: Lawful Good

Fav season: Fall and Winter

Fav Food: Coffee Ice cream, Coffee Candy

Fav Drink: Black Coffee

Fav bands/musicians: Boa, Etro Anime, Sade

Fav actor: Hitoshi Ozawa (The guy who plays Kuze in Yakuza, I REALLY DONT WANT TO PUT RYAN GOSLING)

Games you wanna play: Magna Carta, GARAGE Bad Dream Adventure, Fear and Hunger Termina, Hotel Dusk Room 215

Life Advice: Always save your money, never think about your life or important decisions past 10 pm, oh and also the silent hill games are in english in the japanese versions and they only cost 20 bucks

Things I like-

  • Leon Kennedy
  • Team rocket
  • Mint hot coco
  • Mecha anime
  • ICE
  • Berserk
  • Gundam
  • Anything written by Naoki Urasawa
  • Ghost Stories
  • RPGS and Survival Horror games
  • Basically any comedy anime
  • SMT (Obviously)
  • Garma Zabi
  • Leon Kennedy (Again)
  • Death note
  • Mays Hughes
  • DS
  • Creepy alleyway drug dealer from Re4
  • PSP/Vita
  • Char Aznable

    Things I hate-
  • Char Aznable
  • Mean People
  • Poems
  • Stupid modern "art" used to launder money
  • Pretentious people
  • Spy mains
  • Usher (He spoiled me that gojo dies)
  • Kanye(His musics good but i absolutely despise him as a person)
  • Death Note (The object cause it killed L ╥﹏╥)
  • Dumb People
  • Plantains

    Favorite Anime-

    1 Saiki K

    2 Death Note

    3 Lupin the 3rd

    4 Zeta Gundam

    5 Gundam the Origin

    6 Devilman: Sirene the Demon Bird

    7 Naruto SD Rock Lee

    8 Fullmetal Alchemist

    9 Ghost Stories

    10 Pokemon XY


    Favorite Manga-

    1 Monster

    2 Char's Daily Life

    3 Chainsaw Man

    4 Neko Ramen

    5 Dungeon Meshi

    6 Jujutsu Kaisen

    7 Berserk

    8 Neko Majin

    9 Paru's Graffiti

    10 Early Yugioh (Before it was about the cards)


    Favorite Movies-

    1 Reservoir Dogs

    2 Spider Man 3

    3 Bullet Train

    4 Glass Onion

    5 Dr Strangelove

    6 American Psycho (Im not one of those annoying tiktok people)

    7 Donnie Darko (I know this doesnt look good with the above movie but im being so fr rn)


    9 A Madea Witness Protection

    10 Junior

    (Honorable mentions every other Spider man movie.)


    Favorite Games-


    2 Team Fortress 2

    3 Ace Attorney Trilogy

    4 Resident Evil 4

    5 Metal Gear Solid V

    6 Flower, Sun, and Rain

    7 Metal Gear Solid

    8 Silent Hill 2

    9 Danganronpa 1

    10 JoJo HFTF

    (Since Persona is also NO 1 since its a part of megaten, I should clarify I mostly like the older games, but 4 was good too!)


    Who is the little guy on your site, did you make him?

    No,He is Jack Frost, The mascot of ATLUS and demon in the Megami Tensei and Persona Series.

    Why is your site named that?

    It is named after the very first Megami Tensei game, Digital Devil Story. It also has an anime (Heres a totally super legal and definetly not pirated link to watch it!). I chose this name because it sounds cool, I dont really have any other reason lol.

    Why did you make this?

    I made this site because I used to have an old site, but I lost the password and cant update it. Havent updated it in years anyways. I got bored and looked through neocities again and got inspired to make my own site and thats why im here.