This is my first gunpla page, a work in progress GM Cannon!


I combined both the 80s MSV Kit and the later HGUC one to make a better looking and more movable version of it. Some things I didnt take pictures of so I'll try to describe it the best I can.


I got them both for 10 bucks each last year to try and experiment with. It's really fun kitbashing 2 kits together to sorta "upgrade" the other one. It was kinda annoying building it but definetly a learning experience and I 100% intend on doing it a lot more! 


First off I tried doing the legs. It didnt work AT ALL. The gm's legs were so destroyed I had to use my RX-78 instead (I didnt really care since I got it for really cheap+I was gonna get another one for another project later on, look forward to that soon.) Instead of trying to fit the legs inside of the other legs, I just simply cut them in half and carved the joints (I dont really know what to call those weird circle parts around the knees) and the feet connectors and glued them inside. Its not the prettiest fix and its pretty janky but it gets the job done. I also had to cut off half the torso on each of them in order to piece it together.It took a lot of work to fill in a large gap in the back and custom sculpt the backpack.


Afterwards I first did an undercoat with a slightly tan-ish gray and some shading and texture. Then I tried to mix an orange together but somehow I got a salmon color and I thought it looked better so thats what im using instead! 2 Coats of that, then I added texture with red and orange paint. I thinned modge podge with water and also used glow in the dark paint on the head! 



I making my own beam spray gun to work with the Hizack Hands (I had them left over from my custom zaku, also WIP) and sculpted a pointing hand with an extra piece of plastic.

And here are the finished pics! Here's the back.

And a pose and a wallpaper!

Overall this was really fun! Can you believe I didnt use an airbrush at all? Im getting one in the mail soon, but im still gonna make it sorta textured by hand, but it should allow me to do WAY better shading! It took me a really long time cause I kept forgetting about it, and was stuck for a while trying to do the legs, but I think even for how "off" it looks its still real pretty! Im gonna make a diorama wityh this and some other kits too, later on. 9/10