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I like Mobile Suit Gundam, Bionicle, Transformers, anything with cool robots in it really! I also like Megaten and Persona along with JoJo's. My fav multiplayer game would have to be TF2. Add me on steam sometime.


Why did I make this site? To spread information about classic anime I like and to just ramble on about it randomly. A lot of the stuff on this site probably doesnt make sense, look at it anyways. Theres not really much on it now, but as I watch more and more shows, the reviews will grow!

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Read Baroquism Syndrome on the car ride home, doesnt explain the story any more than before but it was still amazing! I still have no idea about the protagonist from the game, is he the same as Kitsune? Why doesnt he mention his brother then. Does Baroque take place in the future, and Syndrome before the apocalypse happens?


This game is so good, I just had to beat it in a day. 10/10, I also played Deadstorm Pirates. They should port that to modern consoles. I also went to the beach and the arcade!


I'm on vacation! I'm at Atlantic city rn, well i'm in the car right now but I'll be there soon! I've been playing a lotta slime rancher, but I'm playing Baroque too! This game is really good, the graphics don't look like anything I've played before. The general aesthetics are so good!


Made Ramen and Creme Brulee today! Both were totally amazing! Sorry for lack of updates, working on big things rn like game reviews. Also ignore the gap in entries, I normally write a ton down and just post all at once. Made this short update just to tell yall im still working on this. Bye!


Started playing Apollo Justice's Ace Attorney, The Silver Case, and GunZ the Duel. I don't know why, but I've been playing a lotta VNs lately, only detective ones though. Most vns out there aint my cuppa tea. I played just finished AA3 and It might be one of my favorite games ever honestly. GunZ is this crazy korean game thats basically like Counter Strike if everyone had sick swords and were Final Fantasy characters who were also ninjas doing backflips. Insane, already playing it a lot and its been like a day lol.


Just finished FSR! Man that game was crazy, the writing was peak, the style was peak. Might be one of my favs ever! I should probably play silver case next to know what that whole thing with Sumio Kodai was. Ill probably actually play AA3 and Baroque before that though. Why is the Losspass Guide book 1000 bucks on ebay??? ITS JUST A BOOK. Someone made an english translated one, so Ill probably find somewhere to print that out at instead.


I wanna figure out how to make custom decals like gunpla waterslides, but big for electronics and stuff. I have an old phone I might spray paint white and make a decal for it like a custom case (it's a flip phone, so I can't just buy a case for it) Maybe I'll try it on my ds? I'm trying to slowly get off my phone more, by setting a time limit for apps and stuff. My goal is to be completely switched to my flip phone (902KC) by the end of the summer. I'd be lying if I said part of the reason wasn't that I wanna save up for a freetel retro maybe, it's totally fancy, it's made outta leather and metal! Then again it costs a ton, so I'm trying to find a reason to drop that much on such and old phone.I also got this neat jack frost phone charm! I think it's from E3 or something, It's obscure but not that rare, I only got it for 5 bucks! It's really nice, I'll upload a picture tomorrow!


Sorry for lack of updates other than the blog, I think I'll try to redesign this using flash, or maybe a lotta gifs and buttons, to make it more interactive or something? Who knows, anyways I started playing Flower, Sun, and Rain! Review coming soon. I tried to make coffee jelly, but it came out wrong. Really was hoping it'd work, so I might try it again some time. I can't wait for summer, all this school is just getting annoying.


Switched to linux, hopefully permanently this time.


A big problem with my touchscreen thinkpad is that it's too small. It's not heavy, it looks weak in a way. I think computers should be big and bulky and old looking, like ones from the 80s are perfect designs. Honestly they should just have tons of buttons and lights and take up the entirety of a room like in the 50s! Those computers looked cool, no rgb needed. Honestly one of my goals in life is to get one of those old dramatic CRT security camera boards, with like 50 monitors. PEOPLE NOWADAYS JUST DONT GET IT, YOUR ROON SHOULD LOOK LIKE LAIN. IF YOU DONT HAVE CABLES ALL OVER THE PLACE WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING???


I GOT A STEAM DECK!!! I SAVED UP FOR MONTHS, FINALLY!!! This is the first time I ever thought of something I get being "futuristic". Like obviously tech is advanced but it's not like future-y yknow? But this? This is INSANE. The only downside is the battery life but I can just get a portable battery and put it on the back. This thing can emulate switch and play mgsv and re2 60fps, thats better than my pc and I have a pretty good one. It doesn't overheat, but it has a big vent on top that blows out hot air. Most people would see this as a downside, but it would probably be useful when It gets cold. I got an SD card for it but my uncle gave me an extra one, so I'm just gonna use it as a extra for my thinkpad instead.


The gm sniper custom page is canceled for now, cause I forgot to take WIP pics lol. It was really easy to make anyways so you could probably just figure out what I did based on the finished pictures.


I watched Smiling Friends! It sure was weird, aparrently theyre making more so I'll watch that too! Also watched season 1 of mob psycho and started readin Billy Bat, For some reason I cant watch more than 2 animes at a time, but ill want to read 50 mangas and just forget about them, weird right? Oh yeah, also I BEAT SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only took me 28 hours! PEAK Literally the best game I've ever played. Also thats the reason why the music changed. OK BYEE!!!!


I JUST ACCIDENTALLY BEAT ECHIDNA THROUGH SHEER DUMB LUCK REALLY EARLY ON???? LIKE RIGHT AFTER GETTING THROUGH DISNEYLAND OR WHATEVER AND I WALKED RIGHT IN CAUSE I DIDNT READ THE MAP. Man I love how absolutely unhinged the negotiations in this game are, Like someone will just make you crush a giant bolder and you can crush the big rock with your bare hands and theyll just join you outta respect.


Just saw the eclipse! There was some messed up guy with this weird red egg, like REALLY MESSED UP, broken arms broken legs bandages all over. Man that was crazy, specially the part with the giant red faces and everyone dying and those creepy looking demon alien guys. Anyways I also made salmon burgers and coleslaw, it was really good man. Also found a recipe for kompot, some Russian drink that was really tasty! I'll post pictures tomorrow when I get them off my camera. A lotta cooking today!


Got some model kits!!!! MG God Gundam, Zaku 2, RX 78, GM, and the really old Desert Zaku, Fullarmor Gundam, and GM Sniper Custom. If youve read the other (singular) gundam page on here youll know what im going to do with them.


Oops forgot about april fools, so no update for that this year! Gonna make an article on my top 10 fav demon designs from smt, also speaking of smt, I just got to Shinagawa! Ginza WASNT NEARLY AS HARD AS PEOPLE SAY IT WAS. I got literally no upgrades and beat it in 30 mins like ??? This game's mechanics are kinda dumb lore wise because not only does healing items exist, BUT GHOSTS DO TOO????? LAW HERO BECOMES A GHOST AFTER HE DIES. WHY WHEN I DIE I JUST GO TO THE AFTERLIFE, IS MC STUPID OR SOMETHING??? JUST ASK ONE OF THE ANGELS OR RANDOM LAW GUYS WALKING AROUND TO USE THE WHATEVER ITS CALLED AND BRING U BACK???? Dumb game 10/10. Also I might have to remake some stuff just so I can make the site bigger without making it all blurry, or add more parts to it. I might look a little weird a first but hopefully itll be better!!!


I WAS TYPING LIKE 5 ENTRIES AND DIDNT SAVE AND ACCIDENTALLY HIT THE BACK BUTTON!!!!!! I HATE THIS STUPID SITE!!!!! Maybe this is a lesson in shortening these posts, so i'll make this quick. Happy easter or whatever , I just started Lupin PT1, im actually watching it while I type right now! Why does that guy from the 2nd episode look like a white version of Matthew Patel? Man Scott Pilgrim was so good... Anyways I really liked PT2 and watched it while playing RE4. Also I got RE4VR but cant watch it at the same time. That sucks, anyways I also started FMA 03 again, watched it a couple years back but stopped around episode 25, if ya know, ya know. I only watch anime in dubbed, cause I have a garbage attention span and only watch it while doin something else, and that gets a lot harder to do while watching subs. I REALLY wanna watch logh but cant, cause its subbed and like 100 episodes!!!!! Arent OVAs supposed to be short or something? At that point just split it up into seasons and call it a show, or then again you might get aot syndrome. Final season PT3 PT2? JUST MAKE ANOTHER SEASON WHADDYA MEAN A PART INSIDE ANOTHER PART????? For some reason I still havent gotten that Gundam game after almost a month, it hasnt even shipped yet? Starting to think I got scammed, but why would you scam someone on a use 3ds game based off some old anime, its only 20 bucks??? Makes no sense! Can you tell im annoyed and rushing this? Oh yea also sorry for the textwalls recently, Im doing less long blog posts instead of a ton of short bad ones. Anyways byee!!!


I got a new GPU but it doesnt fit in my PC case... It would be too much work to get a new case for an old dell, and I dont wanna refund it since i got a huge deal on it... Honestly thinking about just making a new computer all together! It would be easier than completely redoing my upgraded 10 year old office PC, and I already got the most expensive part so... I might do just that! Maybe, Ill have to think about it. I dont like those LED RGB whatevers that people get, I prefer more modest cases, after a certain point they all just look the same. I really love old case designs from the 2000s, those at least had more innovative style! I just like Y2k aesthetics in general, but mostly interior designs and computers specifically. I REALLY WANT THAT AQUARIUM CASE ITS SO COOL!!!!


WHY IS BALD GATE 3 150 GBS!!!!! I FINALLY GET IT AND I CANT PLAY IT CAUSE ITS TOO BIG!!!!! Games only need to be 4gbs MAX, If I can't fit yo game onto a DVD I AINT PLAYIN IT!!!!!!! If I ever make a game I want it to be under 50 mbs, just to prove good games can be made that small, Soundtrack AND game on THE SAME CD!!! NO SEPARATE CDS!!! IF YO GAME CANT RUN ON VIB RIBBON FOR THE PS1 I AINT PLAYIN IT!!! After I finish SH3 ill probably play Baroque, ive really been wanting to try that one. The guy who made the Persona 1 Manga also made one for it too! Also I tried to do a bid for a PC98, but I lost it... Why do people suddenly bid 100 bucks above??? The shipping already costs a fortune. I really wanna design my own arcade machine, I LOVE old candy arcade machine designs. My holy grail as a collector is the segasonic the hedgehog popcorn shop, It’s an arcade machine that MAKES POPCORN WHILE YOU PLAY THE GAME!!!! I always thought you should get something if you win a game, that’s why I always try to get the most tickets whenever I go somewhere (It never works I’m always sad afterwards...)


Finally got a new vcr since the one that came with my TV was broke! Unfortunately its got no remote so its useless... Anyways I really love visual novels! Just beat Ace Attorney Justice for All! I only like the ones with a lotta gameplay though, but I might try Umineko. Isnt it just words with pictures in the background? AT THAT POINT JUST WRITE A BOOK. Also WHY IS IT 27 GBs????????????? ARE THE PICTURES ALL 8K OR SOMETHING????? Worst part is my new computer has LESS SPACE THAN MY OLD ONE!!!!!!!!! Oh yea I forgot to tell ya! I got a new laptop, its one of those fancy new thinkpads that flip around and turn into a tablet for drawing! I only really draw on paper well, maybe ill get one of those scanner thingys and just color and do effects on my computer? I dunno, is that a good idea? I also finished the GM Cannon! Just gotta take pictures now!


Went to the game store and got some PS2 games! GTA, MGS2, Fable, Ghost recon, Ace combat, SOCOM, and DMC to be specific! I also had some stuff imported from japan, a Wii, a N64, and Gundam 3D battle for the ds! Also SMT IV!


Just finished playing Silent Hill 2!! Now that im done with that, I started playing SMT1 again, just finished the part in Shibuya where you save the random girl (I forgot her name lol). Also played Ace Attorney 1. Ive been watching a ton of movies lately, and keeping track of them in a big list. Might start putting that list here? Maybe. SMT1 is annoying cause Ive been playing on a emulator until now, right? So I can just save whenever, that normally wouldnt be a problem except I saved RIGHT BEFORE THE BOSS. Not just that, WITH NO MP, ONLY LAW AND NORMAL HERO ARE ALIVE, AND NO MAGNETWHATEVERS. I HAD TO FIND AN OLD SAVE ON MY PC, AND START OVER ALL THE WAY BACK BEFORE SHINJUKU. Now its actually better, BUT STILL. Even WORSE than that, turns out I HAD A DEMON WITH PENPATRA TO GET RID OF BIND, A DEMON WITH TRAFURI TO GET OUT OF ANNOYING BATTLES, and even worse than that ESTOMA WORKS FOR SOME REASON. WHY DID I JUST FORGET THAT????????????????????????????????????? SO ANNOYING! Anyways tip to make the game way ez-er, If youre Law you can recruit most of the demons in shibuya and just walk in a straight line and the law guys will JUST GIVE YOU FREE MONEY. Use trafuri to get outta all the other battles and an ez 10K in like 10 mins. Ok byee!! Oh yeah btw I might redesign it, and maybe add a front page to connect different sites together for different things. Does anyone still use adobe flash anymore? OK BYE FR NOW!


Just started berserk, first anime I watched in only 2 days. Started off not that good, but it got so good near the end! Reading the manga now. Also GO READ DUNMESHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS PEAK!!! Also watching the JoJo OVAs, honestly theyre better than the newer anime.


I started watching JJK season 2! Tried to watch beck but its honestly just so BOOOOORRRRRIIIIIINNNNGGGG. Dropped it after 6 eps. SOLID SNAKE IS IN FORTNITE NOW!!!


He still hasnt??? But its ok he says hes going to. Imma be honest I dont really belive him but ok. Anyways I ordered some new model kits!!! The old 1/60 Gelgoog and the 1/100 Nightingale. I still havent seen CCA. Anyways I found an old computer, so I took its dvd drive and put it in mine! IT STILL WORKS!!!!! Now i have 2!


My teacher said he might GIVE ME SOME OLD GAMES TOMORROW IF HE FINDS THEM!!!!!!!


i got another one.


My coffee press broke. I definetly didnt do it, and I know who did. Worst part is when you KNOW who did it but the obviously wont confess and NOBODY BELIEVES YOU. It was cracked completely in big shards but then didnt even throw it out, they rearranged it to look like it was fine. Do you think im stupid or something? I know it couldnt have been on accident while they were cleaning it, cause I saw it on the counter with the paper towel and water after it was cleaned, so it had to be taken out, hit on the counter (the floor wouldve shattered it completely) then put back together- how dumb do you think I am? THEY HAD A MOTIVE TOO!!! The day before they asked if they could try some, and of course I said yea cause im not a selfish person, and when they put like 3 spoons of sugar in it, then milk AND creamer. AFTERWARDS THEY SAID THEY COULDNT TASTE THE DIFFERENCE. OF COURSE YA CANT YOU RUINED IT. YALL DONT KNOW HOW MAD I AM THEY LITERALLY TOLD ME TO "WAIT UNTIL LATER" OH MY GOD THEY HAD AN ACTUAL MOTIVE. I AINT NO SHERLOCK BUT I HAVE COMMON SENSE. BTW, If you're reading this (I dont know if youve ever seen my site before honestly, I dont tell anyone about it) YOU OWE ME 20 BUCKS FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I forgot to do a christmas update -_- I TRIED TO BUY THE VHS BUT FOR A MONTH THE SELLER WOULDNT SHIP IT, WOULDNT RESPOND, AND I HAD TO GET A REFUND. With the money I got some games, FF8, FF Tactics, MS Saga, and Silent Hill 2. Also I watched Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and JJK Season 1. I wanna start collecting games and talking about them and fixing consoles. Might save up for a broken PSX and fix it. If ya dont know, the PSX is a japanese exclusive PS2 that also works as a DVR. I really gotta start collecting more games. My new years resolution is to hit the gym, and start updating here more. I know i wont, but still. Happy new years! (EDIT: I added one along with some other entries I felt like making but just didnt for some reason. You ever wanna do something but just like, dont? Yknow what I mean?)


I GOT A SWITCH AND A NEW COFFEE MAKER AND A POPCORN MAKER!!!!!! I didnt use to like black coffee but now I like it more than normal coffee! The right thing to do is to add a little sugar, and make it in a french press. Im gonna probably save up for some games for it and play SMT V!!! Merry Christmas!


Watched Ghost Stories and Perfect Blue. First movie to ever make me almost throw up 10/10 immediately bought the vhs. Started P1SQQ Gonna make a P1 Page. Im kinda wanting to start posting here again but im really forgetful. I think its cause I dont want to post non megaten topics on a SMT themed site but now I have no ideas :/


I just finished the End of Evangelion. Truly an amazing film and show. Review soon. I also got RE1 remake for the ps3.


I finally got a PS3!!! Theyre normally expensive so I got the cheap one cause I already have a ps2. Time to play MGS4!!!


Trying to eat healthier, but im making a giant cookie in a pan today so maybe not. I might try to make my own mozzarella cheese some time. I dont really like arch, its just annoying and stuff doesnt work. Granted thats just always linux anyways. Now that I think about it, past the security stuff why am I using linux? Mostly just to not look stupid, differentiate myself from windows users. Anyways im gonna try to find a different distro. I dont really like how this site looks, so I might keep this part to megaten stuff and make a 2nd connected site. I still havent put anything on here really tho... I wanna write more serious topics.


Im an EMT now!!! Also I installed Arch Linux. Im trying to learn more about stuff like cybersecurity. Its really interesting


I watched Serial Experiments Lain and Gunsmith Cats! Im gonna write a review on those I promise. I dont really wanna only put megaten stuff on here, but I really like this layout, so ill keep it! Might add some themes and flash around here tho... Gotta add more downloads, even some resources and other stuff. I might play the lain ps1 game soon.


Got a new monitor, its an emachines! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! Shows look perfect on it, its crazy how good this thing is. Guess the show im watchin! I also picked up some new games. Kingdom Hearts, FF12, Lego Star Wars, and Romance of the 3 Kingdoms. Im thinking about starting a webring and making a zine some time. Maybe...



Started SMT Imagine!


Its my birthday today! I forgot to tell you I read monster while I was gone. Its one of the greatest mangas Ive ever read honestly. Filled with twists and turn its genuinely AMAZING!!! You gotta check it out.


Man I really havent been keeping up with this! Its been 4 months! I got some more games, and a ps2. Started RE4 and SMT IV, and started playing csgo and yugioh again! Got into tokusatsu like Kamen Rider and Ultra Q. Thinking about changing things a bit to be a new design but maybe not. This is the perfect layout.


I got a new vita! The memory card still hasnt arrived yet. I also got some Sega Saturn Games. MS Gundam Gihrens Greed, SMT Devil Summoner, and SRW F. Went to the comic book store, got some transformers and sonic. Getting consistently good at spy for some reason in TF2? Like getting way more trickstabs than usual, scoring around 80 regularly. Just goes to show, if youre bad at something, stop doing it for a while and come back, youll get instantly good at it. Byee!


Sorry for lack of updates for the past week, i’ve been a bit busy. At this point, if you expect regular updates just get used to it -_-. Also the Remina review is even more delayed, on account of having to return it back to the library. I’ll most likely do a review before it though. If you’re wondering what i’ve been up to since the last update, not much has happened. I got a portable blender, for milkshakes. It works very well and it’s really yummy! It was a chocolate and white chocolate shake. I also attempted a playthrough of RE1. Key word: attempted. I’ve never played a horror game before, but it wasn’t scary. It is extremely hard however, and numerous times i’ve died before reaching the first save. So far it’s good, if not repetitive since i’m bad at it. Maybe the DS version is just stupid hard for some reason? I might have to get the PC version since i don’t have a PS1-3. Also yeah double long blog post, i’ve been forgetting about y’all far too long. Feelin like valve over here. It’s been so long since the last real update that both a TF2 major update AND Counter-Strike 2 got announced. Just wow.


Hey fun fact according to gundam san (which probably isn’t canon but i think it is cause it’d be funny) intel still exists in the future and also mobile suits run on windows 95 somehow. Also Remina’s review is postponed. I didn’t feel like doing it i don’t really have a reason. I’m gonna do more than just 1 review tho this week so keep waitin.


Im back after a couple weeks. Stay tuned for future updates. I think its bout time to come back. How are yall? I sold my DSi and bought a 3DS and Pokemon Heartgold. My first review in a while will be on the Junji Ito manga Remina since im feelin in a spooky mood (Yes I know its march, look I didnt do anything for halloween ok???) Also the new chapter of Chainsaw Man comes out in 3 days, I just finished reading the rest of them. Thinking about watching Kenpuu Denki Berserk since I wanna read the manga eventually.


Wow its been a long time since I did a blog post... Speakin of blog posts, Valve did a new one! A new TF2 update is coming out AFTER 5 YEARS!!!! ALSO JOJO PT 9 COMES OUT THIS MONTH!!!1!1!


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I got a CD player since the other one doesnt work! Also im not feelin that good but LOOK AT HOW THE SITE LOOKS NOW! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!


Sorry 4 being gone for a while im back now! Christmas is in 3 days!

Also look at this plush I found online. I thought youd want to. Hes so cute hes got mcdonalds fries. I NEED HIM.


Really sleepy -_-


Ive been feeling really sick lately and had to go to school anyways but also i found out how to hack smt strange journey so thats cool.


I was feeling bad and bored but a fan friended me on steam and i gave him an autographed sign and played tf2 with him. Ive never met a nicer person in my life and it really made my day. If you see this, Hee Hi!


Got a ton of cds from my uncle, ill post it to the currently nonexistent collections page l8r today.


Got some more cool hats also I was playing smt SJ and Jack Frost almost joined my party BUT HE WAS TOO STRONG AND IT RUINED MY DAY!!!


I got a cool hat in TF2 the other day. Im also getting one of those new fancy phones, Yknow the ones that fold in half. Also ITS BEEN OVER A WEEK SINCE I UPDATE THIS THING??!!


I got a CD and vinyl player today!!!


Sorry 4 no updates. Im making a new homepage AND layouts YOU can use for YOUR site! It takes a while tho so its a multi day thing.




I like how my site is going. Its made a lot of progress so far! Sorry 4 not updating yesterday lol I was busy


I got a DSi XL yesterday, today im hacking it to install homebrew. Im kinda bored rn


I havent played smt today because last night I was in a building. It has dark floors, one way doors, and you can fall through the door!!?? Not only that BUT THE MAP ON THE GUIDE IS BROKEN, AND TOO SMALL. Words cannot express how mad I am.


I tried to fuse 3 horses together (a normal one, a fire one, and a unicorn) because its the only bad demons I had and wanted to get rid of them, AND IT GAVE ME A RED SCORPION??? HOW DOES THAT WORK. smh


Ive fully chosen to go with law. I got to where I have to kill Gotou and my grandma walked in and watched me die. Most likely bad luck because he used bind on my entire team. She saw that I had a gun and told me to shoot him in the balls. Sadly Makotos stupid and can only shoot in a straight line. I dont think shotgun shells would work in an smg either.


Today I started playing the first SMT Game. I got to around the part where Ambassador Thorman is at. Ive decided to go with law, hopefully it was the right choice.My party is Jack Frost, Jack Lantern(Pyro Jack in modern games), and Angel. I named my Protag Makoto, Law hero Anakin(He looks like him), and Chaos Hero Edgelord.


Finally this site has started to begin looking good! Today is the first entry here. It was an interesting day, I found a nice Surf Server on TF2. Anyways I like this design after weeks of trying to make one. Im not very experienced in html, despite having a site around 4 (oh god it was that long ago!) years ago. Hopefully this site comes out nicely, Ill keep working on it.





3 months with no updates? Man thats just sad... Anyways I completely redid the about page and added a extra page for quizzes and stuff like that!


Added a gunpla page and a (really empty) collecting page. Will update it over time as I work on customs more and get more cool stuff! Wait to hear my thoughts on Silent Hill 1 this weekend.


Mostly behind the scenes stuff, also joined a couple more fanlistings.(They were there before I just never announced them lol) Most likely tomorrow the photography page is gonna come back as well as a gundam page, a gunpla page, and a collectors page! Might add a couple more pages too in the following week. Experimenting with custom designs for each special page (sorta like what I did with the death note theme back in 2022, except not garbage! Also itll automatically turn on when you reach that page!)


Wrote a review of Gunsmith Cats!


Added a downloads page! It doesnt have much so far, just icons, and wallpapers for now.


Compressing or deleting unused stuff, fixing old bugs. Nothing noticable but keeps it cleaner for me to work on!


Just small changes and fixing up some stuff to make it easier to update.


Went back to the good ol days!


Changed it again but this time it isnt terrible!




Changed the song from Puzzle Boy (Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne) to Heaven(Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)


Added a photos page


Completely changed the layout entirely to make more space for more content, and to just make it look cooler. Dont worry! All the old content that made the old one so special is still here, and I plan to add more, and make this one more unique. Please *note* the old death note theme along with the classic theme arent up yet. I have fully archived them and will reupload in their exact state with nothing updated tomorrow. It is accsessible here.


I joined my first webring!


New article!


Joined a couple fanlistings.


Wrote an Essay on the modern game industry, changed the font so its easier to read. Fixed a couple of mistakes on the About Me page.


Removed links that werent done from the main page. Its not that I wont make them, its so its not confusing on which are finished.


Decided not to change the design, he (ho!) is already perfect. Also i added a random images page because idk


Started work on my new design.


Made a review for Death Note: The Kira Game, and also added a buttons and stamps page. (Only stamps rn ill add buttons l8r)


Completely changed how the index works(Dont worry it looks the same) and added a theme! Also added music.


Added some more buttons, and a death note page.


Made a button, not much else.


Added a SMT Alignment Quiz and started working on a button.


Added a Changelog. Created a new banner. See the old one here.

Hee-res my button! Put it on your site NOW! 

Here are some more buttons I have made.